• How to Save Fuel

How to Save Fuel

Check out these fuel saving tips if you’re struggling to top up

Every driver in the UK is being affected whilst fuel stations up and down the country struggle to meet overwhelming customer demand as the supply crisis continues to take hold.

If you’re struggling to top up at the pumps, then read on to discover how you can maximise your petrol or diesel consumption to make it go that bit further... 

Accelerate less

Easier said than done, but driving at an average pace within the speed limit can really save on your fuel. Think about pulling away more gently, braking with less haste, and don’t be tempted to accelerate in order to keep up with the car in front of you.  

Avoid short trips

Resist the urge to jump in the car for short trips, instead opting for one longer trip if you need to use your vehicle. Starting the engine from cold increases fuel consumption, whereas a warm engine is more efficient.

Check your tyres

Whilst your tyres may look okay, it’s important to ensure they are inflated to the correct pressure as per your vehicle’s manual. Overinflated or underinflated tyres can have a negative effect on fuel consumption and may lead you to using more than needed.

Don’t use the air-con 

We appreciate that you don’t want to be sweltering on a hot day, or freezing on a cold one, but by not using the air-con unit in your car it will pay dividends! Your car’s air conditioning system will need to use engine power which in turn will increase your fuel consumption. 

Lighten the load

If your car is full of unnecessary items or your boot has turned into storage, then now is the time for a clear out. It’s surprising how much extra weight your car could be lugging around without you even knowing it, and this will drain on your fuel.

Remove roof bars or boxes

Does your car have a roof rack or roof box? If you’re running low on fuel and can’t top up, then it’s best to temporarily remove them. This is because they create resistance against the wind which will cause your car to drag and inadvertently lead you to consuming more fuel.  

Go electric instead

As we’re sure you’ll agree, there’s never been a better time to go electric! If you’re considering making the switch to a greener future of road travel, then we can help.

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