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Plug-In Car Grant Cut

The government announced yesterday (Wednesday 11 March 2020) that there will be an additional £403m spent over the next three years for the Plug-in Car Grant. They also announced changes to the Plug-in Car Grant rate that has changed from £3,500 to £3,000. The scheme originally put in place in 2011 was to encourage the sale of greener cars and help meet emission targets. The government released that the small reduction to the grant came as a result to the uptake of zero-emission car increases. The government also announced that electric cars costing £50,000 or more will be excluded from the grant.

It was only in July 2019 that the Road to Zero strategy, the government's 46-point plan to help the transition to all-electric motoring, was published. So, it seems like a strange decision to reduce the amount of financial support given to buyers open to switching from traditionally fuelled cars to a hybrid or all-electric model.

Electric Models Like Hyundai Kona Will Have Reduced Support


Despite the changes to the scheme, zero-emissions cars priced below £50,000 will be eligible to receive a grant up to £3,000.


Here at Wilsons, we stock the market-leading Nissan Leaf, the multi-award winning Renault Zoe and the award winning Kona Electric. All of these models have a great mileage range and battery capacity allowing them to travel further on a single charge. The LEAF is capable of up to 239 miles, the Zoe up to 250 miles and the Kona with up to 278 mile range.

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