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Working in the Automotive Industry, a woman's perspective​

From the outside looking in you may say that Wilsons is highly dominated by males much like other car dealerships. With only 16% of women in the UK automotive industry its clear to see why its deemed male dominated.

Wilsons opened in 1904 and our business has been heavily influenced by women. With our founders Florence Wilson and Howard Wilson, who discovered a gap in the market and offered driving lessons and went on to selling cars. Florence Wilson went on to be one of the first women driving instructors in the country and even helped Australians and New Zealanders to drive army tanks and trucks during the first world war. Throughout the years the women within the Wilsons family have worked their way through the business and many of whom have taken the leading roles acting as Managing Director and Directors.

Although we may have a small team of women here at Wilsons, they make a huge impact on the day-to-day running of our business. Every sale that Wilsons has in one way or another is influenced by a woman from the sales team, prep, mechanics, service Centre, admin, accounts, HR and marketing team.

Florence Wilson was one of the first women driving instructors in the UK
Throughout the years the women within the Wilson family have worked for the business

When initially starting in the business as a young women, there was definitely apprehension to whether I’d get the same level of respect from the men that was needed to do my job, as a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) specialist, we have to ensure that all staff members are following correct procedures” Tash started at Wilsons as a young adult from university and has been with the business for over two years. Tash’s apprehension has now evaporated “I love working in the industry, you meet new people every day, work with loads of exciting individuals and although we are in a male dominated environment, the team of women here is very strong and I’m proud to be apart of it”.

So what does a typical day look like for a women in the Automotive industry?


Sophie, our Hyundai Sales Executive spends her time, meeting new customers and working together to ensure they’re looking at the right car for them. Sophie will take customers on test drives and show them how the car works and the features it entails


Our trainee prep workshop controller, Chloe has a variety of jobs to do during her day. Chloe’s main role is to ensure that all cars are mechanically checked and booked in to be seen by our mechanical technicians. Chloe’s job alongside the seven mechanics she currently overseas, ensures that all cars are safe to be shown and showroom ready for our customers.


Ana is part of our Sales administration team here at Wilsons. Ana ensures that all cars brought are booked into our system with all information from servicing history to mileage is correctly imputed into our system allowing all vehicles to be accounted for and sold to customers. Ana then makes sure that all cars are taxed and invoiced correctly and once sold to a customer will ensure there is a V5 present, spare keys (if applicable), aerial and any other things that may come with the vehicle.


Mollie, our youngest accountant, works with our sales advisors and ensures all deposits and payments are taken for any cars that are purchased. Mollie ensures that all our companies spending are paid on time and any outstanding PPI claims are raised and paid within a timely manner.


Our HR Manager, Kim works with all departments within Wilsons ensuring that all departments are complying to the working laws, are happy in their work environment and most importantly working safely in the different environments we have on site.


Lastly our Marketing Manager Lauren works with all marketing teams from our ten franchises ensuring we’re meeting brand standard on our site and website. Lauren ensures the website is user friendly on desktop and mobile and works closely with the website developers for any new features for the website. Lauren is also very close to the sales side of the business working with all ten business managers to ensure all our new car offers are up to date in each quarter and helps them receive their quarterly targets.

We believe that the women working in our business have a powerful voice in which they feel confident and comfortable to put their opinions across and make positive changes to the way in which the business is ran day-to-day. As a business we pride ourselves working amongst some fantastic individuals and promoting women in the Automotive Industry. Still not convinced that the automotive industry is for you? Take it from the women who work here with a few short interviews...