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Speeding Fine Increase in April 2017

​Following a government review of sentencing rules for magistrates' courts, the current fines for speeding are set to be increased by a further 50% for the most serious speeding offences. Currently, the limit for a speeding fine was 100% of your weekly wage up to the value of £1,000, or £2,500 if the offense is committed on a motorway. The revised guidelines that will be implemented from 24th April 2017 in England and Wales will raise the limit to 150% of your weekly wage, but the current maximum fine will remain the same. 

How Are Speeding Fines Calculated?

In 2015, the average speeding fine was £188. Under the new guidelines, speeding fines have been divided into bands which are alphabetically categorised. The fines will fall into categories A, B or C.

Band A will issue three points to your license and majority of the fines will equate to half of your weekly wage. However, £100 is the minimum fine that you can be issued, and if it is your first speeding offence then you will more than likely be given the opportunity to take a speed awareness course.

All fines can be adjusted subject to the court's discretion based on the specifics of the case in question. Variables such as population density of the area, poor weather conditions or timing of the offence in relation to previous convictions could all be taken into consideration.

Band B fines will either issue four to six points to your license, or you will receive a disqualification between seven and 28 days. Fines for a Band B offence will start at 100% of your weekly income but could range between 75%-125% depending on the variables. Band C fines with either issue six points, or you will receive a disqualification between seven and 56 days. Fines start at 150% of your weekly income and can be adjustable to between 125%-175% depending on the variables.

Speeding Fine Bands

Speed Limit (mph) Recorded Speed (mph) Recorded Speed (mph) Recorded Speed (mph)
Band ABand BBand C
2021-30 31-41 41 and above
3031-40 41-50 51 and above
4041-55 56-65 66 and above
5051-65 66-75 76 and above
6061-80 81-90 91 and above
7071-90 91-100 101 and above
Penalty3 points 4-6 points or 7-28 day disqualification 6 points or 7-56 day disqualification