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New Citroën C3 Test Drive

The best way to get to know a car and it's features is to drive it, which is exactly what we've done with the new Citroën C3 ahead of its release to market in January 2017.

Before we get into what it is like to drive, let's discuss its new looks. Considering the fact that there are over 1,000 different cars across our forecourt, the new C3 stands out among the crowd.

Our demo version is in Polar White with the Sport Red roof and additional red personalisation areas including the AirBumps and wing mirrors. The new C3 is available in a total of nine different body colours ranging from traditional colours such as Black and Silver to more out there ones like Power Orange and Almond Green.

Unlike some other cars on the market, Citroën have continued the personalisation features on the inside. The red 'Urban' ambiance in our demo car has red stitching on the seats and a red trim around the central console with soft touch materials for a more premium feel.

New Citroen C3 exterior

What Is It Like To Drive?

If I had to some up my test drive experience in three words I would say comfortable, quiet and powerful. The driving position was very easy to adopt with the usual seat and backrest alterations available to make sure that I was sitting in a comfortable upright position and close enough to the pedals.​ The electric wingmirrors were easy to find (just below the steering wheel to the right) and equally simple to use so that they were in the perfect position before I set off to drive.

The view from the windscreen is quite tall and wide despite being a smaller car. One thing that I did notice was the position of the rear view mirror. Occasionally, I felt that it slightly obscured my vision, especially when turning left out of roads and on roundabouts; however, this might be down to not being used to the car or just simply adapting my seating position slightly.

New C3 interior
Interior Design
New C3 boot
Spacious Boot
7" touchscreen main menu
7" Touchscreen

As engines have become increasingly more fuel efficient, they have also become quieter to the point where I had to check the revs on the dashboard to make sure that it was still running!

Our demo version has a start and stop engine to help improve fuel efficiency even further. The best thing is that as a driver you don't even need to do anything to activate it. In the manual version that I was driving all I have to do was put the car into neutral and lift my foot off the clutch and the engine would turn off and it would start again as soon as I pushed the clutch back in. If, for some reason you wanted to turn this technology off, there is a simple slider on the touchscreen which you can slide to off.

Just because engines are now quieter, it doesn't mean that they are any less powerful. I was pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the accelerator to the pressure of my foot and got caught a little bit off guard once I got on to the main road. The steering was very light and made the car very easy to control. Although I wasn't able to give the new C3 a long run out on an open road, I can imagine that it would be a very comfortable and economic to drive on a long journey.

Technology and Features

The new Citroën C3 comes packed with a number of ingenious technological features to make your driving experience easier and more enjoyable.​ In the middle of the range Feel model, you receive a 7" touchscreen with Mirror Screen technology so that you can make the screen in the car the same as the screen on your smartphone. Within the touchscreen is the climate control, audio settings and Bluetooth capabilities.

On the top of the range Flair model you also get a reversing camera and the unique ConnectedCAM technology that enables you to safely take a picture of the scenery in front of the car while you are on the road.

Despite being a small car there was a lot of space in the front and ample legroom in the back. It could serve you well as a second car if you are upgrading from the smaller C1 or something similar. It's also big enough to be a good family car, especially because it only comes in a five door version. The boot could easily fit a large weekly shop in the back or a couple of suitcases to take on holiday.

The main advantages of the new C3 are its range of customisable options and the technology that is available in Feel and Flair models that make it a great car for people that want to show off their personality and keep in touch while on the road.

Citroen C3 steering wheel
Steering Wheel Controls
Citroen C3 electric windows
All Electric Windows
Citroen C3 gearstick
Gearstick and Connectivity