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Wondering what to do if a problem occurs with you car during the Coronavirus?

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus affecting our every day life in the UK, from self-isolation and social distancing we’ve seen many practicality problems that most of us have never experienced or dealt with before.

We’re are hoping to answer some key questions you might face, should any problems occur during this time.

*Remember if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our social media platforms*

What if my car needs an MOT while I’m self-isolating?

As we’re sure your aware, if your MOT has expired it is an offence having it on a public road, even if it’s parked and not being used. But what does that mean if your in self-isolation?

Firstly you could ask a insured family or friend member to take you car for its MOT on your behalf while you’re self-isolated. Be sure to ask them to wipe all surfaces and touch points with disinfectant afterwards to avoid any potential contamination.

Equally if you have off-street parking or a garage to keep your car in, you can let the MOT expire and then arrange a MOT test for when you know you’ll be back on the road. It is only then that you can drive a car with an expired MOT to an arranged test at a garage nearby.

Where possible due to COVID-19, we at Wilsons are trying to facilitate collection and deliveries of your vehicle for MOT and Service. This is dependent on your location and if we have staff available to do so.

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Will my car battery die if I don’t drive it for months?

Unfortunately the answer is yes, it likely will. To try an avoid this we recommended purchasing a cheap trickle charger and make habit of regularly plugging it in to top up the battery. Obviously this option is not helpful for those with on-street parking however, it gives an idea of how to keep the car battery going without being driven.

Can I buy a car without leaving the house?

Yes! You’re able to purchase a new car, organise finance, and have it delivered to you from our dealership.

You can apply online for finance and sign the form digitally. If you wish to speak to a member of Staff during the whole process a member of our team will be on hand on 01372 736 000. When the car is ready and all finance is put into place the car can be delivered to you.

*NOTE: Wilsons will deliver cars in a 200 miles radius.

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Want to try the car before you buy?

In these increasingly difficult times, our team will also be able to arrange a test drive from your home rather than you coming to our dealership!

What happens if I struggle to make my monthly finance payments due to losses incurred by the coronavirus?

Finance companies tend to have a team within their customer services division to assist customers experience some financial difficulties and will offer a variety of options like payment plans to assist, these are all dependant on individual situations.

We would recommend contacting the customer service department of the specific finance company your agreement is with, rather than Wilsons as we will not be able to assist. Most finance companies will have a number to call on their website under the FAQ section.

We do need to stress however, that not all finance companies have the ability to offer payment holidays in the same manner as large mortgage companies.

For further independent advice on car finance contracts, contact citizens advice or for general financial concerns, you can try the money advice service who are independent and can provide chat services and more.

What happens if my car lease contract is due to expire/ start while I’m self-isolating?

Unfortunately, with the ever changing situation currently in the UK we would be unable to advise on this. However, our team and Business Managers are here to help and assist where possible and if we’re not able to help, we can direct you to the finance or lease provider who will be able to go into greater details.

In this uncertain time, if you have any additional questions or require anymore information on the subjects we have touched upon, please do give us a call on 01372 736 000 or alternatively reach out to us on social media. We are happy to help where we can.

Stay Safe,

Wilsons Team