• Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Car Superstitions

Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Car Superstitions

Can these car-themed superstitions really bring you good luck this Chinese New Year?

Tuesday 1st February 2022 marked Chinese New Year, when millions of people across the world began 16 days of celebrations to signal the beginning of another Lunar New Year.

Also known as Spring Festival, it’s a time to celebrate change; removing the bad and the old, welcoming in the good and the new. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, which denotes ambition, courage, and enthusiasm. 

If you’re a superstitious person, then Chinese New Year will no doubt signify the chance to enhance your good luck for the year ahead. In this blog, we’ve taken a look at the unique Chinese New Year car-themed superstitions which may just turn around your fortunes in 2022… 

Keep a red item in your car

The colour red is considered very lucky in Chinese culture, bringing with it good fortune and prosperity. One of the most notable New Year traditions in China is gifting red envelopes with money to loved ones - even some being scattered or hung up in public areas for anyone to find. 

Also known as ‘luck money’, some Chinese motorists choose to place the red envelopes in their cars too for good fortune whilst driving. If you’re tempted to do the same, we recommend you keep the envelope well hidden! Alternatively, why not place a different red object in your car, such as a red coloured air freshener or ice scraper, for example. Better still, why not invest in a red car!

Display a pair of oranges on the dashboard

Another symbol of good luck - especially during Chinese New Year - oranges are said to welcome riches and fortune. Gifting an orange or tangerine to others is a respectful tradition, as is displaying two of the orange-coloured fruits on your car’s dashboard. 

Said to similarly reflect the colour of gold and wealth, dashboard displayed oranges are a Chinese New Year tradition which demonstrates the owner is welcoming luck and fortune their way. If you’re tempted to do the same, they can also double-up as a tasty treat when the Chinese New Year festivities finish!

Don’t drive a black car

By comparison to ‘lucky’ colours red and orange, black is associated with negativity in Chinese culture and is therefore avoided - especially when it comes to cars! It is dubbed as an inauspicious colour that invites in bad luck, particularly during Chinese New Year.    

For those who own a black vehicle, many choose not to drive it during the Chinese New Year festivities. If that’s not practical, then it’s said that bad luck can be counteracted by placing lucky objects in your car - such as the red envelopes or oranges referred to above. 

Open your car windows on New Year’s Day

This is a Chinese tradition that may leave you a tad chilly! It’s said that by opening your car windows on New Year’s Day, you are inviting in luck for a prosperous year ahead. Unless the weather is horrific - we say to give it a go! However, we’d only recommend you do this when you are actually inside the vehicle as you don’t want to welcome any potential car thieves - now that certainly wouldn’t be lucky!

Remove any sharp objects from your vehicle

If you happen to have any sharp objects in your car - such as a pair of scissors - then you may want to remove them during the Chinese New Year festivities. In Chinese culture, it’s said that these objects symbolise the ‘cutting off’ from potential luck and fortune for the year ahead. 

Clean your car before Chinese New Year

We’re all aware of the Spring cleaning tradition in our homes, but did you know the Chinese do the same with their cars ahead of Chinese New Year? A good old clean of your vehicle inside and out is said to rid you of any previous bad fortune, whilst inviting in a change of good fortune - well it’s worth a try!

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