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A family business since 1904, we pride ourselves on offering our customers more choice, better value and a service that can be trusted. When you join Wilsons you become a real part of a leading and financially sound business in the South of England. We are the largest new and used car & van supermarket in the heart of Epsom, Surrey, with seven new car brands and over 1000 used vehicles on one site. With 240 employees, we believe every employee as well as every customer must be cared for and have a great experience. To find out more about our History​ CLICK HERE


A job at Wilsons is like no other job you've had. You'll work hard and be proud of what you do. You will feel that everything you do contributes to being part of our company's success. Whatever you aspire to be, at Wilsons, we will help you achieve your goals and develop a real long term career, whether that be in sales, administration, customer service, vehicle preparation or management.


We value diversity and we recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and culture, and that this difference brings great strength.

When we analyse the composition of our workforce we note that women are present in almost all of our business areas, but usually not in the numbers we would like, particularly in the most senior positions. We are encouraging a correction of this imbalance by focusing on skills and taking lawful positive action to promote gender equality. Read short biographies on just some of our female employees here. Our positive action initiatives are not just words; they are truly designed to enable women to reach senior executive positions. ‘Positive action’ means the steps that an employer can take to encourage people from groups with different needs or with a past track record of disadvantage or low participation to apply for jobs. An article from Barack Obama vividly explains the ideals held at Wilsons which you can read here.

We implement various methods and initiatives to foster minimising disadvantage and encouraging participation, including:

  • Expecting to hire women in proportion to their numbers in the graduating classes of partner schools and universities;
  • Involving all stakeholders in our efforts, particularly HR teams and managers;
  • Expecting to promote the same percentage of women and men with equivalent qualifications, aptitudes and experience.
  • Offering training to help women to more effectively manage their careers. Our target is 25% women employed by the end of 2017.

These methods and initiatives are not ‘positive discrimination’ or ‘affirmative action’ which equality law does not allow.

We have many colleagues who have been working with us for more than 20 years. One just retired after 40 years was himself a second generation, following his father before him! The Wilson Women, currently running the company are 4th generation.

If you are genuinely interested in developing a long term career then Wilsons is the place for you!

David Wheatcroft

David Wheatcroft – Joint Managing Director

I joined the company in 1994 as a site gardener, that job was short lived when I was told I was never going to be the next Alan Titchmarsh, my career took a different path when the lure of being a sales executive, plus the offer of a bright green Nissan Micra sunroof included was offered to me. This turned out to be my first ever company car!  I was over the moon!! 20 years later, I have fulfilled various roles within Wilsons from Accident Repair Estimator, Sales Trainee, Sales Manager to Joint Managing Director. Who would have thought all those years ago when starting as the Wilsons gardener at 20 years old I would have been given so many career opportunities!

I like to watch and play most sports and spend time with my family. I am also an avid Elvis fan and have been to Graceland – Long live the King!  

Toni Wilson

Toni Wilson – Joint Managing Director

I began my career at the bottom and worked my way up, my roles have included petrol pump attendant, it was as glamorous as it sounds, van sales executive, sales manager and service manager. Wilsons listened to my ambition and through great training and a lot of hands-on responsibility I was able to grow a fulfilling career, becoming the first woman managing director.

I went to Nepal for the first time in my early twenties and fell in love with the country. I knew I would be back. I had in the back of my mind that I would like to walk from one end of the Himalayas to the other, but I didn't know whether it could be done.

When I reached the age of 50 I took a sabbatical for 6 months to achieve something just for me, I was running six car dealerships in Epsom, employing 240 people. When a friend told me that the first commercial trek along the length of Nepal's Himalayas was taking place in 2011, I booked a place. I was one of only two people to complete the whole five-month, 1,700km trek, featuring 30 high-altitude mountain passes.

Scott Billings

Scott Billings- Service Manager

I started with Wilsons straight out of school as an apprentice technician with Renault. I moved on to be Workshop Foreman a few years later and have since worked in various departments across the business, before settling in to my role as Service Manager – I now have a team of around 30 people across 3 franchises, and I am still only in my 20’s

My main aim is to make sure my team are motivated to give our customers a first class service at all times, whilst maintaining a professional and enjoyable working environment.

I am soon to be married and have the pleasure of supporting Arsenal and spend any spare time I have struggling to get my golf handicap down!!

Derek Turpie

Derek Turpie – Parts Manager

I started at Wilsons in May 83, when I first walked through the gates it was just a mass of yellow and diamonds, we are the oldest Renault dealer in the UK.  This one franchise was extraordinarily popular at the time and winning most weeks at Formula One. (There were Renault 5 TL's everywhere). 

 I moved over to Nissan in 1988 after 5 years of being “French”.

 I have to say that personally Wilsons has been a great experience and I am glad that I decided to make my career here.  There is a lot to be said for a strong family business.

I live in Ashtead with my family and enjoy playing golf, holidays with the family and riding off road motorcycles to blow the cobwebs away at the weekends.


We offer industry-recognised, outstanding training, and nurture talent, at every level. We will provide you with all the training necessary to help you achieve your potential.

We specifically look for women and men from outside of our industry who we can train in the 'Wilsons Way'. We are committed to diversity. Wilsons is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. So whether you are an:

  • ex-serviceman; (you served your country, and we provide support for the transition)
  • apprentice
  • have a disability;
  • whatever your age, we welcome candidates with life experience and we have a retraining programme
  • we have a multi-national and multi-skilled workforce (30% of our workforce were not born in UK)
  • school leaver;
  • graduate;

For every opening at Wilsons we only wish to fill it with the best. If you want to re-train or can hit the ground running we would love to hear from you.


Wilson's is a great place to work with some great benefits including:

  • Training, Training, Training. Top of the range, industry recognised.
  • Real opportunities for ongoing career development, including cross training and encouraging you to try something new or out of your comfort zone.
  • Competitive salaries. Money is not everything, but we reward and recognise our people.
  • Huge discounts on Servicing, MOT, Parts, Car Rental and Accessories.
  • Company Pension, getting you ready for life post work.
  • Excellent working environment, state of the art workshops, showrooms, only the best facilities including onsite showers and employee break areas.
  • Do your bit for charity and we will make a donation to your special cause.
  • Real opportunities for ongoing career development.
  • Join in on company-wide events, luxury dinner dance boat trips on the Thames, summer concerts, charity bake sales, etc.
  • Birthdays, we celebrate with you with chocolate cake!
  • Fruit to keep you healthy and rosy cheeked.
  • Buffet lunches and bacon sandwiches as surprise treats.
  • Easter eggs and Christmas gifts.
  • TVs & Xbox for lunchtime fun and team games in our breakout areas.
  • Sabbaticals for long serving employees.
  • Celebration dinners with the directors and numerous benefits for long serving employees.

Even if you think you don't quite fit one of our current opportunities but have something special to offer we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch and tell us all about you:


Our Current Vacancies

Job Title Salary Link
Sales Advisor OTE of £45,000 - £65,000 per annum
Vehicle Technician Up to £33,000 per annum plus a time save bonus. OTE £40,000 per annum
Prep Vehicle Technician Up to £25,000 per annum plus time save bonus. OTE £35,000 per annum
Part-time Sales Advisor – 4 days per week up to £12 per hour/£380 per week/£20,000 per annum