• Your Guide To RAC Platinum Warranty
  • Your Guide To RAC Platinum Warranty
  • Your Guide To RAC Platinum Warranty 2
  • Your Guide To RAC Platinum Warranty 3
  • Your Guide To RAC Platinum Warranty 4
  • Electric Vehicle Warranty
    Details of your plan In the event of something going wrong, it’s good to know what’s included with your warranty:  Your plan starts on the day of purchase  Wear and tear is included throughout the duration of your plan*  Unlimited mileage once your plan starts What is an EV? EV stands for any electric vehicle that you can charge externally. These vehicles can be:  Battery electric vehicle (BEV)  Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), have a battery that can be recharged by plugging it into an external source of electric power  Range-ex...

All our vehicles are subject to an Admin Fee. Our Admin Fee covers any additional administration needed during your transaction, including a thorough provenance check (HPI Check). The vehicle provenance investigation checks if a car has finance owing, is stolen, cloned, written off or clocked, giving you real confidence in your car. Our vehicle checks carried out during preparation also include a cosmetic and mechanical assessment of each vehicle. The admin fee also includes the cost to fully valet, register and, if necessary, MOT your vehicle (if less than 6 months left of current MOT).

Our administration fee is a variable fee which covers the additional administration needed when transacting with different categories of customers as specified:

All of the above fees are inclusive of VAT