• Best Family Cars to Buy in 2024 – Our Top 11 Choices
  • Best Family Cars to Buy in 2024 – Our Top 11 Choices

Best Family Cars to Buy in 2024 – Our Top 11 Choices

Discover the best cars to buy for the family at Wilsons Epsom

Whether you’re new to family life or nurturing a growing family, you’ll want to travel from A to B in a car that is safe and suits your needs. With so many options on the market, where do you start? We reveal the best family cars to buy in 2024 by highlighting the top 11 choices.

But that’s not all! We also explain what to look for in a family car by sharing the 5 most important factors to consider, plus we list the 10 most important safety features you can find in a family vehicle. Read on to find out more… 

11 Best Family Cars of 2024

In alphabetical order: 

  1. Audi A3
  2. Dacia Jogger
  3. Hyundai KONA
  4. Kia Sportage
  5. MG4 EV
  6. Nissan ARIYA
  7. Peugeot 3008
  8. Skoda Octavia Estate
  9. Tesla Model 3 
  10. Vauxhall Astra
  11. Volkswagen Golf

Audi A3

  • Starting Price: £28,160 from new
  • Type of Car: Hatchback 
  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Boot Size: 380 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Parking Assist, Night Vision technology, Traffic Sign Recognition

If it is German engineering you’re looking for, then the Audi A3 could be your manufacturer of choice. The A3 model is a practical and reliable five-door hatchback with an overall sportier look than most family cars. The ‘Sportback’ design gives the A3 a more slanted rear end than other hatchback models. 

Whilst it looks good, the shape can mean a little less room in the boot than other cars in its class - although it improves on the three-door version by an extra 50 litres of space.

Dacia Jogger 

  • Starting Price: £18,295 from new
  • Type of Car: MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) 
  • Number of Seats: 7
  • Boot Size: 212 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Active Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning system, Parking Assistance, Speed Limiter technology    

Now this is a family car that will tick a lot of boxes - and for many reasons. The Dacia Jogger is a budget-friendly versatile seven-seater for all the family to enjoy - it is available in several modular versions without ever compromising on comfort and space in the cabin. 

In 2023, the Dacia Jogger was named Britain’s ‘Best Family Car’, ‘Best Large Family Car’, and ‘Value Car of the Year’ making it the manufacturer’s unexpected hero. The MPV was praised for its favourable price during a cost-of-living crisis, and its relevance for large families thanks to a genuinely usable third row of seats. 

Speak to us about the all-new Dacia Jogger - which is also available as a HYBRID version - at our Wilsons Dacia showroom in Epsom, Surrey.

Hyundai KONA

  • Starting Price: £24,145 from new
  • Type of Car: Subcompact SUV (sports utility vehicle) 
  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Boot Size: 466 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Blind Spot Collision Avoidance technology, Driver Attention Warning, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist, Lane Keep Assist

The Hyundai KONA has fast become a firm family favourite among UK households and in 2023 stepped up its appearance with a redesign across the entire range. Also available as a hybrid or fully electric version, the KONA provides an enjoyable drive in both urban and rural settings.

The five-door car boasts one of the biggest boots in its segment and the interior is built with everyday use in mind thanks to even more cabin space - ideal for tall heads and long legs. Where safety is concerned, the Hyundai KONA cannot be faltered.

There’s so much to love about this car and we want you to love it as much as we do! Visit our Wilsons Hyundai showroom in Surrey to experience the new Hyundai KONA for yourself.

Kia Sportage      

  • Starting Price: £28,360 from new
  • Type of Car: Compact crossover SUV 
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 450 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Blind-Spot Collision Assist, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Highway Driving Assist  

A name known up and down the country, the Kia Sportage is an SUV that’s paved the way for many other family-friendly models. Blending stylish appeal with a versatile driving experience, the Sportage is more than capable of fulfilling the travel needs of families of up to five.



  • Starting Price: £26,475 from new
  • Type of Car: Fully electric hatchback   
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 363 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Active Emergency Braking Support, Driver Attention Alert, Lane Change Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert 

It’s time to get really excited with our next best family car recommendation - the mighty MG4 EV. Not one to hide in the shadows, this bold-looking all-electric hatchback has been turning heads since 2022. Capable of driving distances of up to 323 miles on a single charge, the MG4 EV makes the perfect battery-powered family car.

Intelligence runs through the body of this mid-sized model with a host of driver assistance systems to benefit from thanks to MG’s Pilot technology which comes as standard. 

Discover the MG4 EV for yourself at our Wilsons MG showroom in Surrey where you can book a test drive and speak with us about finance options too. Read our detailed review to find out more. 

Nissan ARIYA

  • Starting Price: £39,645 from new
  • Type of Car: Fully electric crossover SUV 
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 466 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Blind Spot Intervention, Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Recognition, Forward Collision Warning, Rear Automatic Braking  

Family life with zero emissions is the way forward and the Nissan ARIYA is helping pave the way for battery-powered driving. Capable of travelling distances up to 300 miles on a single charge, the fully electric SUV comes complete with added e-4ORCE technology for an even smoother ride and all-weather control. 

Named ‘Car of the Year’ in 2022, the ARIYA has been praised for its lounge-like interior and a boot space that can fit four regular suitcases as standard. Mums and dads can take comfort in the fact that whether driving in motorway traffic or trying to fit in tight parking spaces, Nissan’s ProPILOT suite of driver assist technologies will lend a helping hand.

Get that electrified feeling by visiting our Wilsons Nissan showroom in Surrey and getting your hands on a new Nissan ARIYA. In the meantime, read our in-depth review to find out more.

Peugeot 3008

  • Starting Price: £32,131 from new
  • Type of Car: Compact crossover SUV 
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 520 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Driving Time Warning, Extended Road Sign Recognition, Night Vision

A perfect pick for those beginning or already enjoying family life, the Peugeot 3008 is available as a petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or full hybrid variant - so the choice is yours. As Peugeot’s most successful model, the 3008 has scooped numerous awards since its launch back in 2009. 

From a technology point of view, Peugeot’s unrivalled i-Cockpit adds to the latest generation of driving aids to enhance the onboard comfort of you and your young passengers. 

Speak to us about the Peugeot 3008 available at our Wilsons Peugeot showroom in Surrey. As one of the largest Peugeot dealerships in the South of England, we are able to offer tempting deals and flexible finance plans to suit your budget.

Skoda Octavia Estate

  • Starting Price: £26,945 from new
  • Type of Car: Estate
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 640 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Lane Assist              

Stylish and spacious, the Skoda Octavia Estate has ample amounts of room in the cabin and one of the largest boots in its class. In recent years the brand has shaken off the previous perception that it is ‘uncool’ and instead has been reaping the rewards of drivers looking for a price-friendly family car. 

Tesla Model 3

  • Starting Price: £42,000 from new
  • Type of Car: Fully electric saloon
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 425 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Auto Lane Change, Autopilot Navigation System, Collision Avoidance Assist, Speed Assist

At the luxury end of the family car market sits the Tesla Model 3 which has a good amount of space in the cabin for up to five people. As a fully electric vehicle, the Model 3 can produce a range of up to 374 miles when fully charged, which makes it pretty difficult to beat. Safety-first design is at the forefront of every Tesla and the Model 3 is no different, having achieved a Euro NCAP 5-star safety rating. 


Vauxhall Astra

  • Starting Price: £25,795 from new
  • Type of Car: Compact hatchback
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 422 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Positioning Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Traffic Sign Recognition

With a rich history of family ownership over the years, the Vauxhall Astra has been completely reinvented for modern life and is now available on petrol, plug-in hybrid and fully electric. Having won ‘Family Hatch of the Year’ in 2022, if you don’t require huge amounts of space, then the compact-sized Astra is a pretty good deal. 


Volkswagen Golf

  • Starting Price: £26,565 from new
  • Type of Car: Hatchback
  • Number of Seats: 5 
  • Boot Size: 380 litres as standard
  • Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control, Park Assist, Travel Assist 

A much-loved name in many households across the UK, the Volkswagen Golf steps into its next generation of hatchback with the Golf 8. It’s the first model in the range to feature mild-hybrid technology and can turn its hand to almost any travel task - be it commuting, the daily school run or a weekend shopping trip.  


What Should I Look for in a Family Car? 5 Important Factors to Consider

As a parent looking to buy a family-sized car, here are a few factors to consider that will help steer your choice of vehicle:

1 - Size of the car

Start your car search by identifying how many seats you need inside, as this will help determine the overall size of the vehicle required. Also consider what cargo you’ll be travelling with, as that will dictate the amount of boot space needed to fit all the necessities, such as a buggy and accompanying luggage.

2 - Can you fit in a car seat?   

Much like the seat space needed for adults and teenagers, consider what type of baby and/or child car seats you already need to cater for, or are about to to buy. Rearward-facing baby seats differ in size from forward-facing car seats, and then there are booster seats for children aged four years old and above to think about too. Read all about the different car seat groups in our blog dedicated to the topic.

3 - Boot space needed 

A large car doesn’t always mean that you’ll get a lot of boot space, so if extra room is needed in the rear for the likes of buggies and bicycles, then you’ll need to read up on the size of the trunk first. Discover the cars with the biggest boots that are in stock here at Wilsons Epsom.  

4 - Interior layout and design

Travelling with babies and children can be messy, so you’ll want to invest in a car that is hard-wearing inside - opt for wipeable materials such as leather or pleather. It’s well worth thinking about the layout too - storage solutions in the doors and cup holders in the rear can prove helpful when on the go with the kids in tow. 

5 - Airbags and safety systems

Nowadays, cars tend to come equipped with multiple airbags as standard which you’ll find in the front dashboard for driver and passenger safety, as well as in areas such as the doors and even seatbelts. Safety is paramount when you have kids in the car and in the last couple of years, manufacturers have really stepped up the amount of safety technology offered as standard. 


10 Important Safety Features to Look for in a Family Vehicle

A range of safety systems will no doubt be on the agenda when shopping for a family-friendly car. With driver-assist technology developing at a rapid rate, you could be pleasantly surprised at the number of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) offered as standard in many new car models. 

Below we’ve listed the top 10 safety features (in alphabetical order) to look for in a family-sized car:

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) - This is an advanced version of standard cruise control. ACC will not only allow you to set your speed but will automatically slow the car down to match that of the vehicle in front, which is ideal for motorway driving  
  2. Autonomous Emergency Brakes (AEB) - Technology developed to assist you in the event of a collision; an AEB system is designed to either warn the driver using sound or will brake automatically 
  3. Blind Spot Monitoring - Working in a similar way to parking sensors, the car will alert you if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot so you know when not to make manoeuvres such as changing lanes or pulling out of junctions
  4. Cross Traffic Alert - This system comes in really handy when reversing out of parking spaces, as it will detect oncoming traffic in your path and either alert the driver or automatically brake
  5. Driver Drowsiness Detection - Driving when tired can prove fatal, so through a series of in-car sensors, this system will detect when attention on the road is decreased and sound an alarm to gain the driver’s attention
  6. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - A system that helps you as the driver to maintain control of the car during emergency manoeuvres, in a bid to prevent skidding
  7. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) - Designed to alert the driver to potential unexpected obstacles in the road when it will increase the braking power
  8. Intelligent Speed Adaptation - Programmed to read speed limit signs during your journey with the ability to prevent the driver from exceeding them 
  9. Lane Keep Assist - This clever piece of technology will keep your car centred in the correct lane if your car drifts or veers to the side
  10. Night Vision - A series of infrared sensors located at the front of the vehicle can alert drivers to potential hazards on the road, such as nocturnal animals 

Discover the safest family cars on the market by reading our dedicated blog on the subject, which features a list of Euro NCAP’s five-star rated family cars.

FAQs and Answers

We hope you’ve ticked as many questions off your list as you can when it comes to buying a family-sized car. If not, then refer to our family cars FAQs below which will hopefully answer any other questions you may have:

What is the best family car on a budget?

Without a doubt, the Dacia Jogger is the best family car to buy when on a budget. Coming in at just over £18,000, this 7-seater MPV ticks many boxes. 

What is the average price of a family car in the UK?

The average price for a good-sized family car starts at around £28,000 from new.

What is the safest car for families?

Tesla has a history of producing some of the safest cars in the world, regularly coming out on top for its child occupant protection capabilities.   

Which car is best for 2 kids?

For a family with 2 children, we’d recommend a standard compact-sized hatchback such as the Hyundai KONA which is available in a petrol, hybrid or electric version. 

What car to get with 3 children?

When you need to travel with 3 children in the back, it’s well worth considering either a decent size SUV such as the Peugeot 3008 - which can fit three child seats inside - or an MPV such as the Dacia Jogger which offers 7 seats across three rows of seating.

Do you need a 7 seater for a family of 5?

Unlike if you have a family of six or seven people, a 7-seater car is not a necessity for a family of five - unless you want to spread the kids out over more rows of seating. 

Which family car is best for a long drive?

Both the Skoda and Nissan brands have a good reputation for long-distance driving.

What is the most spacious family car?

In terms of boot space, the Peugeot 3008 takes some beating in the family-sized SUV market. However, if it’s room in the cabin you need, then the Dacia Jogger MPV mirrors a van-like interior in terms of space.  

What is the best hybrid family car?

Hyundai has a great range of hybrid vehicles that fall within the family-sized car bracket - such as the Hyundai KONA and Hyundai TUCSON.  

Family-Sized Cars at Wilsons Epsom

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We stock top-name brands such as Fiat, Hyundai, Nissan, Peugeot, and Renault, and specialise in the sale of brand new and nearly new hybrid and fully electric cars including the extremely popular and budget-friendly MG4 EV, plus a selection of desirable Tesla models too.  

To help with your purchase, we also offer a range of car finance solutions and can provide a flexible finance plan tailored to your budget. Get in touch with us to find out how we can get you and your family on the road in no time.

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