• Do Electric Cars Need Servicing?

Do Electric Cars Need Servicing?

We answer your EV maintenance questions

Owning an electric car is an exciting experience, but at the same time, you’re bound to have lots of questions about how to maintain your EV. 

As electric car experts, here at Wilsons Epsom we regularly get asked if an electric car needs servicing. Well the short answer is yes! As with a standard motor engine vehicle, an electric car requires regular servicing too. 

Why does an electric car need servicing?

As with any car, gradual wear and tear will inevitably happen; tyres will need replacing and brake fluid will need changing. It’s vital that you take your EV to a garage with technicians specialising in the maintenance of electric cars. 

Choosing not to service your electric car can result in a reduction of miles per range - especially if your tyres are low on pressure or are well worn. It’s worth noting that an EV will have a higher wear rate on the tyres due to the car’s extra mass and body weight. 

You may not realise, but an EV will also require an MOT test when the car is three years old. The main difference compared to a standard MOT, is that the vehicle isn’t subject to an emissions test and there’s fewer parts to physically check.  

What does an electric car service involve?

If you’re already an EV owner or planning on becoming one, then you’ll be pleased to hear that with fewer mechanical parts, electric motors usually prove more straightforward to service. Less time in a garage and more time on the road is no doubt music to your ears!

So what can you expect? First and foremost, a diagnostic machine will be able to check for any faults that may need addressing. Attention is also paid to the battery, where individual cells are thoroughly checked to ensure continued performance. 

Unlike cars with motorised engines, EVs contain high voltage electrical cables which require inspection. Although problems with these are unlikely as the cables are so well protected. 

To ensure your vehicle remains as safe as possible, the brakes will also be checked in case the brake discs and/or brake pads need changing. Of course the brake fluid will need to change based on the recommended service intervals by the manufacturer. Finally, all other mechanical components, which include suspension, steering and tyres will be inspected.

All electric cars are automatic, so there’s no need to check for clutch damage or faults with the gearbox - yet another reason to go EV!     

Service your electric car at Wilsons

Benefit from manufacturer approved servicing here at Wilsons Epsom. Our service centres are run by a team of manufacturer-trained technicians. Rest assured that we work with only genuine replacement parts and the latest equipment to keep your vehicle operating at its very best for longer. 

No matter what your electric car needs, it’s in safe hands with us. The servicing and maintenance work we carry out is approved by the relevant manufacturer at each of our service centres, located at our state-of-the-art Kiln Lane site in Surrey. 

All of our electric cars are pre-checked and prepared before they leave us, ensuring you won’t have to get your car serviced until it’s next interval.  

New and used electric vehicles at Wilsons

Find your happily EV after at Wilsons Epsom! Explore our fantastic selection of new and nearly new electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid cars currently in stock. As the largest family-run new and used car supermarket in the South of England, we offer our customers an extensive choice of vehicles. 

Visit us today or discover the latest electric cars online, such as the brand new Hyundai IONIQ 5, the sought after Fiat 500e, as well as the full range of MG EV models.


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