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Car Finance

Got your eyes on a car but not sure if you can afford it? Car finance for used cars is your saviour. It enables you to pay for the car over fixed monthly payments rather than a single lump sum. You can choose from three different options: Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Contract Hire. Click on each of the tabs below to find out more about how each option works.Here at Wilsons, we sell hundreds of used cars for competitive prices. We want as many customers as possible to drive away happy in the car that suits them best, and by offering finance plans for used cars as well as new cars, we are able to do so. Whether you're looking for your first car or you’ve been driving for years and fancy something different, we can help by offering these cost-effective finance schemes.

We’ve grown to be one of the largest dealerships in the South of England thanks to our ability to help hundreds of customers. This success is down to our flexibility; we can tailor the car finance options for used cars to suit your exact budget and needs. For example, you might like to put less of a deposit down, or we could also reduce the instalments by extending how long you have the contract for. Our finance specialists will discuss these options with you at the dealership in Epsom to ensure you get a package that suits you.

So, your bold SUV, sporty roadster or expertly sophisticated saloon may not be as far from reach as you might have expected. Contact us today or visit our dealership for more information on each of the car finance plans for used cars, we offer.

Car Finance Options

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Your car purchase is supported by a finance company who essentially buy the car and you pay them in fixed monthly instalments for the term of your agreement. A portion of the car's value is deferred until the end of the agreement when you can choose to pay it to own the car, part exchange it for a new car or return the car and with no further payments, subject to terms and conditions.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

Also known as car leasing, this finance option is similar to PCP; the main difference is that you will not own the car and have no option to purchase the car at the end of the agreement. You pay fixed monthly payments, but there is no balloon payment at the end of the contract. Instead, the car will be handed back to the finance company.

Business Contract Hire

Apart from being exclusively for businesses as opposed to private individuals, Business Contract Hire works the same as PCH. If you are a VAT registered company, a Business Contract Hire agreement will mean that you can claim back 50% of the VAT on the finance element among other financial advantages.

Hire Purchase (HP)

After paying an initial deposit (which could be £0), the remainder of the car's value is paid off in fixed monthly instalments. As the name suggests, you hire the car over the period of the contract and purchase it at the end after making the final monthly payment.

Find Out More

By submitting a few relevant details through the enquiry form below or by simply calling one of our friendly business managers on 01372 736 000, you can quickly discover the flexible finance options available at Wilsons and find one that is perfect for you. For more information on our financial arrangements, get in touch with the helpful staff at our Epsom showrooms today.