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Vauxhall Partners Programme

You and your family can benefit from an exclusive Partner's discount across a range of new Vauxhalls on top of our other great offers. If you, or a member of your immediate family are working for a GM retailer or an associated company, or receiving a pension from any of those organisations, you can qualify for the Partner Programme. You also qualify if you're a serving member of HM Forces based in the UK, or if you receive a military pension. In addition, if you are a GM employee, you can nominate friends as well as family members.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Vauxhall Partner?

You can share your benefits with up to six relatives and/or friends, meaning that you can purchase up to six new Vauxhalls within any rolling 12 month period. Below is a summary of who is eligible - a full list can be downloaded here.

Vauxhall Associate Partner Nominee Eligibility Criteria:

  • ​Partner^ or Spouse
  • Parents and Step-Parents
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Step-Brothers and Step-Sisters
  • Children and Step-Children

Vauxhall Partner/Retailer Partner Nominee Eligibility Critieria:

  • Partner^ or Spouse^
  • Parents and Step-Parents
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Step-Brothers and Step-Sisters
  • Children and Step-Children
  • Grandparents and Grandchildren
  • Aunts and Uncles
  • Nieces and Nephews
  • Sons-in-law and Daughters-in-law
  • Brothers-in-law and Sisters-in-law
  • Mothers-in-law and Fathers-in-law
  • Friends (Vauxhall Partners only excludes Retailer Partners)

How Easy Is It To Buy?

Before you can access your benefits you must be verified as a Vauxhall Partner which you can do by simply registering onto the Vauxhall Partner Programme. Once you're verified, buying your new car is as easy as choosing the offer that suits you and then you can request a personalised quote from Wilsons Vauxhall.

Sharing your benefits is just as easy with only one additional step. Before anyone can take advantage of being related to (or being friends with) a Vauxhall Partner, you have to nominate them by logging on to the Partners Programme website. Once the nomination has been verified, the nominee can then visit Wilsons Vauxhall to receive their discount on the car of their choice.

Which Companies Are In The Associate Partners Scheme?

There are over 200 companies and organisations ​that are registered GM Associate Companies. Below is just a small selection of industries that are represented and companies that are included that could provide you with a discount on your new Vauxhall:


  • ​Army
  • Navy
  • MOD
  • Special Reserves and Territorial Army


  • ​Asda
  • John Lewis
  • Halfords
  • Primark

Emergency Services & Health

  • ​Police Federation
  • National Fire and Rescue Service
  • Paramedics and RNLI
  • British Medical Association


  • ​​National Union of Teachers (NUT)
  • ATL (Association of Teachers and Lecturers)
  • NAHT (National Association Head Teachers)
  • NASUWT (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers)


  • ​Royal Mail
  • Parcelforce
  • DHL
  • BT


  • Test Centres
  • DIA (Driving Instructors Association)
  • ADINJC (Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council)
  • ADI

To save yourself or a family member money on their next new car, check out if you can qualify for the Vauxhall Partners discount scheme by

Email: or Phone 01372 736 000 or use our 'Live Chat' function.

^To satisfy the Company that a genuine partnership is involved a copy of either a utility bill or credit card statement, bearing the same address as the employee up to six months old, must be provided. This copy must be held in the vehicle registration file for audit purposes. Only one partner can be registered per main Partner/Associate.