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Vauxhall OnStar


​OnStar is connected car technology that enables helps you out in the event of a road traffic accident, assists with navigation and provides you with information about your car. You can drive with total peace of mind knowing that OnStar is always there for you 24/7.


SOS - Automatic Crash Response

What would you do if you had an accident and couldn't call for help? The moment your airbag is activated crucial information is sent to an OnStar centre such as your location, driving direction and which sensors have been activated. A trained OnStar advisor will then make contact with you over the hands-free speakerphone - even if you're abroad. The OnStar advisor will call the emergency services once they have the key information.

24/7 Emergency Call Service

Receive emergency call support around the clock for you, a passenger or a passer-by. Just press the SOS button and an OnStar advisor will be able to send your exact GPS location to the emergency services allowing an ambulance to reach you as quickly as possible.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If someone steals your nice new Vauxhall, OnStar can help to get it back. First you need to report the theft to the police and then OnStar will find and track your car via GPS to tell the police where it is. What's more, OnStar can disable the car's ignition if the engine is switched off which stops the thief from driving any further.


Being connected on the road is important in the modern world, which is why the extra-powerful roof antenna gives you a stable, quick internet connection for up to seven devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets, so your passengers can easily surf the web as you travel.

Roadside Assistance

You've broken down in an area with poor reception or your phone is dead so you can't get through to your breakdown company. Never fear, just press OnStar's Service button and a professional breakdown recovery team will be on their way to your exact location.

Smartphone App

Lock or unlock the doors, check oil and fuel levels, find where you parked, or send destination details straight to your Vauxhall's navigation system. You can do this all remotely with a touch or two using OnStar's innovative Smartphone App.

Personal Assistant

OnStar can help with new destinations, hotel bookings, vehicle diagnostics and parking as it assumes the role of your personal assistant. Destination Download can find your target address and even change your destination en route. OnStar advisors can also find you a hotel room while your driving and send you the hotel's address direct to the navigation system. If a warning light comes on there's no need to panic, just press the service button to receive on-demand diagnostics. Finally, OnStar advisors can find parking locations with opening times and prices, and of course, the address can be sent to your sat nav.