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Car Build at Blenheim High School: Update 5

As part of our ongoing support of Epsom’s Blenheim High School, we have been helping a group of young students to build a car from scratch.

Following the Christmas break, work resumed on the vehicle, which is now beginning to look like the real deal. It even has a floor, thus preventing feet from coming into contact with the ground!

The team was recently in receipt of four high-spec racing wheels and a number of electrical parts, which are now in place. The car is almost ready to race, and just one question remains: what kind of body style should it have?

To that end, the team has been going through a number of temporary cardboard bodies to decide which body is the best option. In the process, the students have been learning a thing or two about aerodynamics.

The young crew consists of 20-plus engineers and designers, and four media personnel. One of the latter, Caleb Heather, is continuing work on the school’s website, documenting the vehicle’s progress from idea to fully fledged racing car.

Team testing the car electrics
Testing the Electrics
Floor Being Fitted
Floor Being Fitted
Floor fitted
Fitted Floor
Initial car designs
Initial Designs