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New Renault Megane

From £17,315

Experience Unique Driving Pleasure

Despite experiencing a revamped design, the all-new Renault Megane is recognisable as soon as you see it. Taking cues from the revamped Renault range including the all-new Clio, CAPTUR and KADJAR, the new Megane features the characteristic grille, large chrome diamond and C-shaped headlight signature.

The Megane is better equipped than ever before with LED daytime running lights, Eco mode, DAB radio, smart alloy wheels and air conditioning available as standard. The Megane range includes a full GT model with an advanced chassis with 4CONNECT four-wheel steering technology and is engineered by Renault Sport.

As one of the widest cars in its class, the new Megane has an assertive and bold stance on the road accentuated by its confident, sharp lines and attractive proportions. The rear LED lights have a 3D effect that highlight its unique personality day and night.

Renault Megane Design

Exterior Design

The all-new Renault Megane is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor providing more room and comfort for everyone.

Styled to stand out, the fourth generation Megane has reinvested in the quirky styling cues that the Megane range has been known for in the past. Flanked by distinctive c-shaped LED daytime running lights, the oversized chrome Renault diamond sits proudly in the centre of the front grille.

The back is almost as striking as the front with the elongated tail lights that stretch and curl nearly to the middle of the bootlid. The new Megane really catches the eye, especially in comparison to some of the more conservative designs in the family hatchback class.

Interior Design

​Although you're told never to judge a book by its cover, if you're impressed by the new Megane's exterior, then you will be equally affected by its interior.

The Megane is satisfying to touch with soft-touch plastics covering the upper part of the dashboard. You will be welcomed into a comfortable driving position with sculpted seats that are supported and have a lot of room for adjustments.

Take your seat in the high technology cockpit that is available with an 8.7" portrait touchscreen R-Link 2 infotainment system which comes as standard from Dynamique S Nav trim level and above. The vibrant, customisable and intuitive screen feels as though it has been filtered down from a much larger model that you wouldn't expect in a family hatchback.

Renault Megane signature headlight design
Signature C-Shaped Lights
Renault Megane rear lights
Striking Rear Light Design
Renault R-Link technology
Renault Megane interior design
Passenger Compartment with Refined Chrome Trim

Multi-Sense System

The all-new Renault Megane adapts to suit your mood with five modes for five unique driving experiences. Exclusively fitted with the multi-sense system, you can enjoy the immersive light experience whether it's in blue, green, red, sepia or purple.

Neutral Mode adapts your Megane to a more relaxing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the air conditioning at its full capacity. The engine response is standard and the 4CONTROL system** is active. The interior is flooded with sepia light.

In Eco Mode*, you can make full use of the energy-saving eco-mode which comes as standard across all models, turning the interior lights green. The steering wheel effort, engine response, EDC calibration and air conditioning capacity is reduced.

Comfort Mode uses blue lighting with use of the air conditioning at full capacity and enhanced engine sound to set a mood of tranquility. The steering effort of your Megane is still low, but the engine response is improved and the 4CONTROL system** is active.

In Sport Mode, you use all the features at their full capacity for the sportiest driving experience with the interior lit up with red lighting. The acceleration of the car is quicker, the EDC gear-box ratios are reduced and the 4CONTROL system** generates a sensational sporting responsiveness for increased agility or stability. For more precise control, the steering is made heavier.

Finally, in Perso Mode the level of each feature is left up to you. You can choose how to configure your Megane to meet your current desires. In this mode, the interior uses purple lighting.

*Not available on Megane GT

**Only available on Megane GT

Renault Megane Safety Features

​The all-new Renault Megane is packed full of driving assistance systems so that you can drive with peace of mind. Using intuitive and intelligent technologies, they support you on all of your journeys whether it is the daily school run or a trip to the seaside.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Be alerted straight away to the presence of any vehicle in the zone that your rearview mirrors don't allow you to see. Active between 19mph and 87mph, the blind spot monitoring system alerts you immediately with a warning light.

Renault Megane's blind spot monitoring system

Traffic Sign Recognition

There are more and more road signs to take notice of when we drive, so it's not easy​ to catch all of them. With a built-in camera that is able to read road signs the Megane will give you a warning on the dashboard if you exceed the authorised speed limit. 

Renault Megane's traffic sign recognition system

Safe Distance Warning

If the distance between you and the vehicle in front is not safe, the system warns the driver about a potential collision. This system works in tandem with the Active Emergency Braking System which prevents a collision by applying brakes if the driver acts insufficiently or not at all.

Renault Megane's safe distance warning system

Adaptive Cruise Control

Activated at between 31mph and 87mph, adaptive cruise control allows you to easily maintain the appropriate safe following distance between you and vehicle in front. When the distance is too short the system acts on the brake and then acts on the accelerator when the road is clear again.

Renault Megane's adaptive cruise control system

Renault Megane Engines

In order to further improve the engines in the new Megane, Renault has capitalised on its know-how forged in competition. There are a total of six engine options on offer with an equal split between petrol and diesel and manual and automatic.

Induction Capacity (cc)Maximum Power (kW ISO/hp DIN/rpm)Fuel TypeCombined Cycle (mpg*) (16" & 17"/18")CO2 Emissions (g/km^)(16" & 17"/18")Transmission
TCe 1301198 97/130/5500 Petrol 52.3/41.4 120/124 Manual
TCe 130 Auto1198 97/130/5500 Petrol 52.3/50.4 122/125 Automatic
dCi 1101461 81/110/4000
Diesel 76.4/72.4 96/101 Manual
dCi 110 Auto1461 81/110/4000
Diesel 74.3/74.3 98/99 Automatic
dCi 1301598 96/130/4000 Diesel 70.6/68.9 104/106 Manual
TCe 205 Auto1619 151/205/6000
Petrol 47.1 134 Automatic

*Official Fuel consumption figures are produced for comparison purpose and are measured according to the European Directive 80/1268/EEC. These figures are specific for a vehicle type and not for a single car. Real world fuel (actual) consumption can vary as the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is influenced by driving behaviour, weather and road conditions. The use of technical equipment for example air conditioning, can also effect the fuel consumption. For further information, please visit the Vehicle Certification Agency web site

^EMISSIONS Figures obtained from AAA-DATA (Association Auxiliaire de l’Automobile), a subsidiary of CCFA. AAA-DATA is an organisation that collates automotive industry data for authorities.

Renault Megane Models and Specifications

Renault Megane Play

From £17,315

Key Features:

  • ​7" touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability
  • Hands free keycard
  • Automatic dual zone climate control
  • Hill start assist
  • Front and rear centre armrests
Renault Megane Play

Renault Megane Iconic

From £18,415

Key Features in addition to Play:

  • ​Multi-Sense system with driving mode selector and ambient lighting choices
  • 7" touchscreen with TomTom LIVE® services and Western European mapping
  • Rear parking rear sensors
  • Lane departure warning
  • Automatic headlights and windscreen wipers
Renault Megane Iconic

Renault Megane GT Line

From £20,215

Key Features in addition to Iconic:

  • 8.7" portrait touchscreen media system
  • Exclusive GT Line cloth upholstery
  • Sport seats with integrated headrest
  • Muscular front and rear bumpers with silver rear diffuser
  • Dark chrome door mirrors
Renault Megane GT Line

New Renault Megane 360° View