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Why finance a Fiat with Wilsons?

Dealership .V. Bank Loan

Watch the video that banks don’t want you to see – and see the advantage of financing your Fiat car through Wilsons.

Wilsons Epsom offer finance packages to suit you.

We offer Car Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase agreements – usually on more generous terms than elsewhere. Unlike a personal loan, the benefit of a finance agreement from Wilsons is that your vehicle becomes a security, so it doesn’t affect your credit file like a personal loan may do.

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Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase – WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOU?

Hire Purchase

If you have a large lump sum deposit then this option could be best for you. Hire Purchase policies often offer you lower interest rates too. To make your repayments manageable, you can take this type of policy over a 12 to 60 month period. At the end of your repayments you own your vehicle.

Personal Contract Purchase

This option lets you to defer much of the cost associated with buying your Citroën car – and puts you in control. Within certain parameters, you decide:

  • The size of your deposit
  • The length of the repayment term (usually between 18-42 months)
  • The annual mileage allowance that suits you
  • Wilson’s will then calculate a “Guaranteed Minimum Future Value” (i.e. the expected value of your vehicle at the end of your monthly repayments).
  • When the agreement ends
  • When to pay off the value of the car, so you then own it in full or, quite simply you can return it to Wilsons with no further obligation. Wilsons will tell you upfront the “Guaranteed Minimum Future Value” – i.e. the expected value of your car at the end of your monthly repayments – so you can plan in advance.

Looking to Purchase a New Fiat?

Wilsons have teamed up with our partners at Fiat to give you some great finance policies.

We can help you structure your repayments in the most advantageous way to suit your pocket you may also benefit from a variety of additional great stuff too -

  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Servicing plans
  • Free insurance
  • Road tax exemptions
  • Breakdown cover


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