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A Crossover For Every Life You Lead

Newly designed Renault Captur

Some people say that you can't have the best of both worlds. At Renault, this simply isn't true when the Captur provides you with the best of three worlds. It boasts the expressive styling and driving position of an SUV, the cabin space and modular interior of an MPV and the driving pleasure of a hatchback.

The Captur expresses its originality through it's two-tone colour scheme and extensive personalisation options that allow everyone to make it their own.

Not only is it stylish, but the Captur is also clever in terms of design and features. Explorers of country lanes and city streets are provided with storage space that is more often found in a much larger car. With practical solutions such as net pockets behind the front seats and a closed compartment on top of the dashboard, you'll never have to leave anything behind again!

Renault Captur Design


Signature C-Shaped Lighting and Crossover Grille
Signature C-Shaped Lighting and Crossover Grille
Captur New Skidplates
New Skidplates

The Renault Captur continues the strong identity of the rest of the Renault family. Its striking front design includes the front grille that houses the large chrome diamond badge. It is now more in line with the Renault crossover family with the addition of a chrome strip.

Now incorporated into the bumper, the signature C-shaped lights make the Captur look unmistakably like a Renault. There are also new skid plates on both the front and rear bumpers.

Based on the Clio hatchback, the Captur moves into the SUV Crossover bracket as a result of its extra dimensions, particularly in height and length.


The Captur has a higher driving position and seats than a hatchback model. The seats themselves offer additional lateral support providing greater comfort.

The exterior colour collections are continued through to the Captur's interior. There are a total of seven interior touch packs including Blue, Caramel and Satin Chrome for the trim on the centre console, speakers and air vents.

The Captur can also receive style packs that apply details on the steering wheel and seat upholstery compatible with the chosen exterior colour collection.

New Captur Interior
New Captur Interior
Renault Captur customisable steering wheel design
Arizona Steering Wheel Style Pack

Renault Captur Colour Collections

The Captur has been designed to be personalised by its owner so that they can show off their personality and who they are. As such, Renault have created four colour collections - New York, Manhattan, Arizona and Miami - each of which include at least five different colour combinations. In total, the there are 36 potential combinations with three new body colours: Desert Orange, Ocean Blue and Amethyst as well as a new Mercury Silver option for the roof for you to chose from, so there will certainly be one to suit your style.  Each colour collection provides you with customisation options including two-tone body colours, decals, alloy wheels and gloss packs.

​The Manhattan and New​ York collections help you to look like a natural in the urban jungle, mainly focusing on the Captur's Diamond Black, Ivory, Mercury Silver and Oyster Grey body colour tones. If, however, you want your Captur to stand out on the road, the Arizona colour collection features the vibrant Arizona body colour and roof to create striking two-tone designs. Finally, the Miami colour collection celebrates the beach style with Tahoe Blue and Boston Blue body tones.

Mercury Silver Renault Captur with Diamond Black roof
New York Colour Collection
Diamond Black Renault Captur with Ivory roof
Manhattan Colour Collection
Ivory Renault Captur with Arizona roof
Arizona Colour Collection
Tahoe Blue Renault Captur with Diamond Black roof
Miami Colour Collection

Technology and Innovation

The Captur isn't just stylish, it's practical as well. According to equipment level, the Captur is available with three different multimedia systems: R&GO, Media Nav and R-Link.

R&GO is a simple system that cleverly transforms the user's smartphone into a connected tablet so that they can access the Captur's most useful functions including telephone, multimedia, vehicle data and, through an in-app purchase, navigation.

Renault's on-board touch screen tablet, Media Nav, provides easy access to useful features to assist and enhance your driving. It includes navigation, handsfree telephone using Bluetooth® technology and ECO mode providing you with advice on how to reduce your daily fuel consumption. You can either use the touchscreen or the easy-to-use steering column controls which are helpful while you're on the move. You can choose to listen to the radio or your own music by connecting your device to the Captur's Bluetooth or using the AUX or USB sockets.

Renault Captur Android Auto
R-LINK with Android Auto

Finally, R-LINK provides an advanced multimedia system that is more customisable than ever. With 3G connectivity, navigation with real-time traffic updates and a variety of apps available in the R-LINK store, your car can be much more than a means of getting from A to B. In addition, R-LINK is now compatible with Android Auto granting easier access to smartphone applications via the 7" touchscreen display.

Renault CAPTUR Features

Inner Space

Drive around in a deceptively spacious car. The Captur has a number of ingenious storage solutions such as a closed compartment on top of the dashboard and a removable central storage area.

You have the power to change the internal dimensions of the car thanks to a sliding 3-seater fixture in the back that slides over 16cm. The Captur's boot is flexible in other ways as well as it features a multi-position, removable and reversible floor. The floor hides your valuables when raised to sill level and can give your loading space a practical boost in its lowered position.

Family life can sometimes be messy and in a moving vehicle, things can get even worse. You won't need to worry about that in the Captur because keeping the seats clean is easy. The front and rear seat covers are easily removable thanks to the zip and velcro systems and they are machine washable. They are guaranteed to maintain their appearance for five machine washes and are available in a variety of colours.

Driving Aids

Explore the roads with ease in the Renault Captur with a number of practical features to assist you while you're driving. Nothing could be simpler than parallel parking with the built-in reverse parking camera, especially when it is coupled with the front and rear parking sensors alerting you to any obstacles behind or in front of the car. Parking is made even easier with the Hands-Free Parking function. When you are travelling at speeds below 19mph, this system can detect all available spaces. Once a suitable space has been identified, the steering will be taken out of your hands, leaving you to focus solely on acceleration and braking.

Available from Dynamique S level trim upwards is Renault's Blind Spot Warning system. Using four sensors, the system is able to detect the presence of moving vehicles, including motorbikes and bicycles, in the door mirror blind spots. Active at speeds between 19mph and 87mph, a warning indicator appears in the door mirror when a vehicle is detected in the driver's blind spot for longer than a second.

Captur Clever Storage Solutions
Clever Storage Solutions
Captur Parking Aids
Parking Aids

Renault Captur Videos

Renault Captur Engines

​The Captur embodies the engine expertise developed by Renault over 35 years of Formula 1 racing and 11 world championship titles. Stop and Start technology saves fuel when the car is stationary and starts it again almost immediately when you are ready to move again as part of a smooth, vibration-free process.

Energy and fuel efficiency continues to improve in the Captur; most notably during deceleration where the Energy Smart Management (ESM) system optimises the consumption of electrical energy and helps recharge the battery. This system combined with ECO mode helps to reduce fuel consumption and decreases the number of times you need to visit the petrol pump. 

Induction Capacity (cc)Maximum Power - kW ISO/hp DINFuel TypeCombined Cycle -mpg*CO2^ (g/km)Transmission
Energy TCe 90 S&S898 66 (90) at 5000 Unleaded Petrol 55.4 114 Manual
Energy TCe 120 S&S​1197​87 (120) at 5000​Unleaded Petrol51.4​125​​Manual
Energy TCE 120 Auto EDC S&S1197 87 (120) at 5000 Unleaded Petrol 51.4 125 Automatic
Energy dCi 90 S&S1461 66 (90) at 4000 Diesel 78.5 95 Manual
Energy dCi 90 Auto EDC S&S1461 66 (90) at 4000 Diesel 74.3 99 Automatic
Energy dCi 110 S&S1461 81 (110) at 4000 Diesel 76.4 98 Manual

*Official Fuel consumption figures are produced for comparison purpose and are measured according to the European Directive 80/1268/EEC. These figures are specific for a vehicle type and not for a single car. Real world fuel (actual) consumption can vary as the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is influenced by driving behaviour, weather and road conditions. The use of technical equipment for example air conditioning, can also effect the fuel consumption. For further information, please visit the Vehicle Certification Agency web site

^EMISSIONS Figures obtained from AAA-DATA (Association Auxiliaire de l’Automobile), a subsidiary of CCFA. AAA-DATA is an organisation that collates automotive industry data for authorities.

Renault Captur Models and Specifications​

Renault Captur Expression+

From £15,355

Key Features:

  • ​Hands-free keycard
  • Air conditioning
  • DAB radio with Bluetooth®, AUX and USB
  • Ivory interior touch pack
Renault Captur Expression+

Renault CAPTUR Dynamique Nav

From £16,595

Key Features in addition to Expression+:

  • ​17" Explore alloy wheels in silver
  • MediaNav system with 7" touchscreen
  • Climate control
  • Storage nets on rear of front seats
Renault Captur Dynamique Nav

Renault Captur Dynamique S Nav

From £17,995

Key Features in addition to Dynamique Nav:

  • ​Rear parking sensors
  • Leather steering wheel and leather topped handbrake and gear level
  • Choice of coloured Exterior Gloss Packs and Interior Touch Packs
  • Central armrest
Renault Captur Dynamique S Nav

Renault Captur Signature X Nav

From £19,595

Key Features in addition to Dynamique S Nav:

  • ​7" R-LINK touchscreen multimedia system
  • Aluminium pedal unit
  • Heated front seats
  • Front parking sensors
Renault Captur Signature Nav

Renault Captur Signature S Nav

From £20,095

Key Features in addition to Signature X Nav:

  • BOSE six speaker audio system
  • Paint colour choices
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Hands Free Parking
Renault Captur Iconic Nav Special Edition

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Renault Captur 360° View

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