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Vauxhall Service Plan

Regular servicing is essential for keeping your car in top condition. We know that this is often a big hit to take at once which is why we offer a service plan which spreads the cost of servicing out across the entire year. When it comes to the servicing and maintenance of your Vauxhall, you should never compromise on quality.

By using the latest diagnostic tools and the best equipment available, our team of experienced Vauxhall technicians will be able to identify and repair any problems. A professional service helps maintain performance and efficiency. Regular tests also help to keep the resale value of your car as high as possible.

With the Wilsons Service Plan we'll tailor it to suit you depending on the number of services you want and how many miles you're likely to do. You can then spread the cost of servicing by paying through monthly instalments - just like you'd pay for the gas, electricity and TV licence.