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Chip, Dent and Scratch Removal

Chips, dents and scratches can appear from anywhere. Sometimes they are unavoidable, for example, when they come as a result of the road you're driving on. On other occasions, you might misjudge how close that bush is and scratch the paintwork on some sharp branches, or another careless driver will crash into the side of you, causing a large dent.

It's annoying when your gleaming paintwork is ruined by a chip, scratch or dent, but remember, they can always be fixed. Bring your car down to Wilsons Epsom to get an estimate of the work that needs to be carried out, or book an appointment by submitting an online enquiry form, calling us on 01372 736 110, sending an email to or clicking on the Live Chat button to talk to a member of the Customer Care team online.