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Used Renault Cars FAQ's

At Wilsons Renault in Epsom, Surrey

How much is a used Renault Clio?

The cost of a used Renault Clio depends on a number of factors. These include its age and mileage, overall condition and trim level. At Wilsons, our used Clios start from between £6,000-£7,000 for older options and reach £12,000-£13,000 for nearly new and ultra-low mileage vehicles. Browse our stock list to find out more.

Used Renault buying guide

When buying a used Renault, there are several things you’ll need to consider. The first is which model will meet your needs. You’ll also need to think about which fuel type and transmission suits you best, as well as what your overall budget is. Browse through our stock to find out what’s available.

What is the best value used Renault?

The best value used Renault depends on what you are looking for. Typically, great value can be found on models that offer lots of equipment for your money or have a low mileage. Special offers and finance packages also help you make the most of your budget. Browse our used Renault stock to find great value models.

What is an Approved Used Renault?

An Approved Used Renault is one that has undergone a series of stringent checks to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s standards before going on sale. Approved Used models come with a minimum 12 months’ warranty as standard and 12 months’ breakdown assistance, as well as a 30-day exchange promise.

Used Renault vs New Renault

Whether you choose a new or used Renault depends largely on your needs and budget. Used vehicles offer a significant price reduction, which suits motorists with a limited budget, while those wanting to customise their vehicle to their exact preferences are better off choosing new. Consider aspects like warranties, insurance costs and more too when choosing.

Can I exchange my used Renault?

At Wilsons, we will happily accept your current vehicle in part-exchange for a model from our used car lineup. A member of our team will provide a valuation, enabling you to use that value as a deposit against a new or used Renault of your choice. It’s a hassle-free, simple process.

What is the most popular used Renault model?

How much can I save buying a used Renault?

How much you can save when buying a used Renault depends on several factors. An older model, or one with higher mileage, for example, will represent a larger saving compared to buying new than choosing a nearly-new or low mileage option. How much you save will also depend on the specific model and trim level you choose and depreciation rates.

Will my used Renault retain value?

Unfortunately, all vehicles are subject to depreciation, but some makes and models are impacted by it less than others. If there is a lot of demand on the used market for the vehicle you have, it is likely to have a higher resale value. Other factors such as condition and mileage also come into play. For an estimate on the resale value of your chosen model, speak to us today.

Can I get finance on a used Renault?

A range of finance packages are available for your used Renault here at Wilsons. We offer excellent rates on a number of plans, including Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase, and you can tailor your individual package to suit your budget and anticipated mileage. For full details, contact us today.