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New Renault Twizy

From £6,690

Compact, Zero Emissions, Simple

After a decade spent researching cleaner energy and a few simple, yet daring ideas, the Renault Twizy was born, bringing with it a better way of city living.

Unlike anything else on the road today, the Twizy is a compact electric vehicle that seats up to two people and produces zero emissions in use. Just like the other models in the Renault Z.E. range, including the Renault ZOE, the Twizy is fitted with a lithium-ion battery. Charging the electric battery is simple by just opening the front flap, pulling out the cable and plugging it into any 230V socket.

With plenty of character and a thoroughly modern design, this eye-catching quadricycle is built for the city. Drivers can choose between gull-wing doors, a single door bar or no doors at all. The Renault Twizy has a full windscreen that extends up into the roof and open bodywork gives it the feel of open-air driving but with the added advantage of protection from the elements.

Renault Twizy in different colours
Renault Twizy Colours
Renault Twizy Cargo
Renault Twizy Cargo

Renault Twizy Cargo

The already innovative Renault Twizy became even more forward thinking with the introduction of the new Twizy Cargo. The second seat was replaced to provide a convenient storage area with a volume of 180-litres and a maximum payload of 75kgs.

The Twizy Cargo is ideal for local food delivery companies, trades people who need to carry tools or even 'last-mile' deliveries from depots or railway stations. The best thing is that you probably won't even have to fight for a parking space! Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can park the Twizy Cargo with both of the back wheels on the curb, making unloading even easier and safer!

As a result of its unique design, Twizy Cargo provides an advertising opportunity whenever it is driven because it is bound to get noticed and turn heads. Also, you might not know, but the Twizy Cargo is classed as a car-derived van by HM Revenue and Customs, which means that the VAT is recoverable.

Renault Twizy Personalisation

Whether you are conservative or flamboyant, the Twizy you want already exists​ with a range of colour collections which add a two-tone paint finish, coloured mirrors and seat covers. Even the most basic design will ensure that you stand out on the road with a choice of four basic colours from Snow White and Diamond Black to Lagoon Blue and Flame Orange.

But, let's be honest; Twizy people are not shrinking violets, you want to stand out and be noticed. As a result, Renault have introduced 'Design Your Own Twizy' where you can choose from twenty standard colour options. In addition, you can also choose body wrap designs that include animal prints, vibrant patterns, national flags and camouflage. There are four different body wrap options starting with the doors only before moving to door and frame. Option three is to introduce design to the door, frame rear and front until finally arriving at option four which is a full wrap with your own design.

Renault Twizy Flame Orange
Renault Twizy rainbow design
Renault Twizy Union Jack flag body wrap
Renault Twizy Zebra print body wrap

Renault Twizy Features

Comfort and Storage

Renault Twizy is customisable in more ways than just exterior design. It offers optional scissor doors and covers dividing the driver and their passenger. Some people like their Twizy fully open while others have a cocoon in mind. You can also add in the clear sky roof for an unrestricted panoramic view that lets the natural light flood in.

Despite its small size, there is 40-litres of stowage inside the Twizy. The twin glove boxes on the dashboard hold a lot more than just gloves and there are storage nets to safely hold small items.

Innovation and Technology

By design, the Renault Twizy is innovative, but it is also packed with a range of technology that help to push the boundaries of electric car design.

To begin with, the battery is able to offer a real-world range of 43 miles depending on your driving style, the landscape and the driving conditions. In addition, the automatic gearbox helps to increase your electric economy while you're on the road.

Similar to the entire Z.E range, the Twizy provides you with remaining battery life information on the dashboard so you'll always know where you stand

Renault Twizy scissor doors
Scissorgull-Wing Doors
Renault Twizy glovebox on dashboard

Renault Twizy Battery

All of the Renault Z.E. range are fitted with a lithium-ion battery and the Twizy is no different. The battery can be recycled at the end of its life and is very simple to charge, even from flat. As part of buying a Twizy, you will need to hire its battery which is simple and unique to Renault. Thanks to this system you have complete 24/7 roadside assistance, even if you run out of charge and you only pay for what you need. At the beginning or your agreement you say how many miles you do and the monthly payment will be based on your individual requirements.

Battery Hire Monthly Prices*:

Contract TermUp to 4,500 miles6,000 miles7,500 miles9,000 miles
36 months+ £45 £49 £53 £57
24 months £50 £54 £58 £62
12 months £55 £59 £63 £67
*Additional combinations of terms and mileages are available, please consult your local Renault ZE dealer. Finance and hire facilities are provided by RCI Financial Services Limited t/a Renault Finance and are subject to status.

Renault Twizy Models and Specifications

Renault Twizy Expression

Renault Twizy Expression

From £6,690​*

Key Features:

  • ​Grey 'Snowflake' wheel trim
  • Drive and speed display
  • Heated windscreen - quick demist
  • Behind rear seat storage

*Price excludes mandatory battery hire​

Renault Twizy Dynamique

Renault Twizy Dynamique​

From £7,490​*

Key Features in addition to Expression:

  • ​13" 'Diamond' alloy wheels
  • A choice of 14 colour collections
  • Driver and passenger floor mats

*Price excludes mandatory battery hire

Renault Twizy Cargo

From £7,690*

Key Features in addition to Expression:

  • ​Transformation of rear passenger space into storage area

*Price excludes mandatory battery hire

Renault Twizy

New Renault Twizy 360° View

Left Right
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