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Nissan GT-R Prestige 

Luxury and performance go hand-in-hand in the new GT-R with every element of the car being refined and redesigned for greater comfort and excitement. Enjoy track performance in the ultimate everyday supercar which is brilliantly capable on the track, on the motorway and around town.

The GT-R is an exclusive club as an owner and an engineer. There are only five master craftsmen, known as Takumi - a title which takes 25 years of training to earn - that are allowed to hand-assemble the GT-R's engine. Each one is individually assembled and inspected by a single Takumi and proudly bears a plaque carrying their signature.

Experience the quality and artistry of the hand-built titanium exhaust. In an era of mass production, the GT-R benefits from engineering expertise that solved the problem of enhanced exhaust cooling while simultaneously producing a richer and more exotic sound. In addition, there is a control in the cabin that lets you significantly reduce outside exhaust noise when starting the car which is ideal in residential areas. Alternatively, you can turn the volume up when you're at the track to hear the full roar of the mighty twin-turbocharged 3.8 litre V6.

Every panel on the new GT-R has been refined to work with the air in an effort to maximise downforce and minimise drag. The front spoiler has been redesigned, the bonnet reinforced and the side sills reshaped to deliver increased downforce, for more grip and superior airflow and cooling management.

The GT-R is a car for anytime and anywhere. The suspension filters out bumps and the steering effort is reduced at lower speeds to make maneouvring around town much easier. It also has one of the most advanced all-wheel drive systems to help control the power provided to all four wheels in tricky conditions so you don't need to hide it in the garage when the rain or snow falls.

Aggressive styling on the new GT-R has seen new 20" 15 spoke alloy wheels introduced alongside the stunning Katsura Orange paint to add new levels of style and flare. One element that has remained is the iconic circular rear lights inspired by jet aircraft afterburners. On the inside, you're surrounded by style with everything you see and touch crafted to the highest level of care and attention.

Nissan GT-R


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