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Work Experience at Wilsons

​In my weeks work experience at Wilsons Epsom, I have learnt many essential skills that will help me in the future. I worked in marketing for one week to provide me with experience and tasks to challenge my understanding and help me develop my knowledge of marketing and what is involved behind the scenes of a business. I have worked with many helpful people, who provided me with help to allow me to tackle the tasks I have faced and prepare for life after education.

I have learnt many new things, such as the importance of social media for a business, the importance of a website (that is easy to use on both computer and mobile) and how to grab customers attention when they are searching for a vehicle to buy. I have also furthered my knowledge on things such as Microsoft Office Excel and PowerPoint. I feel that now, having completed my work experience at Wilsons, I am ready for later challenges in life and I am more prepared for the future.

Furthermore, the marketing department that I have worked with have not only helped me understand the importance of marketing for a business and how challenging it can be, but they have also welcomed me and made my experience enjoyable. Alongside useful tasks, I have also been involved in many fun, exciting activities, such as taking pictures of incredible cars (for example, the Nissan GT-R) and filming a video for Car of the Week. Although I have only been at Wilsons for a very short time, I have had a lot of fun and have learnt a lot due to the people helping me. I encourage others to test and develop their skills by doing something like this at Wilsons themselves.

- Michael Kidd

Student at Glenthorne High School