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Wilsons Will Remember

Having started our Driving School in Brixton in 1904, Wilsons has been in business during both World Wars. As a family business, it was my Great Grandparants that started the company and contributed to this country's war effort. World War One started ten years after Wilsons was founded and with the men gone off to fight, my Great Grandmother, Florence Wilson became the first female driving instructor.

Wilsons transformed its operations to become a training school to teach the skill of driving to the soldiers and officers that were soon to go to the Front. During the fighting, drivers took messages and instructions from officer to officer; the first ambulances brought the wounded to field stations and riveted heavy armoured cars were used to overcome the challenges of front line terrain.

Wilsons is proud. My Great Grandmother was proud. I am proud to know that my family, four generations back, played just a very small part in our country's success in winning the war. We honour our past and present servicemen and women for their achievements, bravery and courage.

Florence Wilson - the first female driving instructor
Florence Wilson
Wilsons Driving School
Wilsons Driving School
Wilsons during the war
Wilsons During The War