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Preventing A Flat Battery This Winter

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As the temperature drops over the winter months, you may experience problems with starting your car. The cold, damp weather can really affect your car batteries, so this guide can help you save time and money this winter.

Car Battery

If your car won’t start in cold conditions, it is likely the cause is the battery. It could be as easy as jump starting or recharging it!

  • If when you put the key in the ignition, the starter motor doesn’t turn over, but you hear a faint whining noise, it is likely you have a flat battery.
  • If the battery is completely flat – you may not hear anything.
  • If no ignition lights come on the dashboard, or your car won’t unlock using the remote central locking, it is 100% flat.

If you are in a hurry and need to get moving fast, you can attempt to jump start your car. You will need jump leads and another vehicle. However, only try this if you are over 18, with someone else and confident you know what you are doing safely.

Maintaining Battery Life in the winter

With more and more vehicle equipment using the battery, its maintenance is more important than ever.

  • The cold affects the chemical process inside the battery that produces electricity, slowing it down and making it harder to hold charge.
  • If you are using your car regularly for short journeys, it might be worth charging your battery once a week during the winter months, particularly if it is an older battery.
  • If you find your battery is not holding charge, it may be time for a replacement.

Tips for looking after your Battery

  • Switch off all lights, wipers, heaters and the radio at the end of the journey.
  • Check everything is switched off before turning the ignition on.
  • Avoid using heaters, heated screens and heated seats for longer than needed.
  • If you have access to one, parking in a garage will keep your car warmer and more protected.

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