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Winter Kit Checklist

With the weather warnings and the drop in temperature, it is essential to pack a few essential items in your car's boot to make sure you're ready just in case you end up stuck out on the roadside in the cold.

Maintaining Battery Life in the winter

These are basic items but winter must-haves nonetheless. Legally, you must keep your front and rear windscreen clear of snow and ice before driving.

A Torch

Don't solely rely on your phone! It is unlikely the phone light will give you visibility if you’re stuck by the side of country road in winter. Keep a large torch with spare batteries in your car, in case you get stuck in the dark. It’s also worth having a paper road atlas in case of diversions or getting lost, and having no phone battery!

In Car Charger

Keep a phone charger in your car so you can top up your phone battery even when you are out and about.

Blankets and Extra Coats

It's sensible to have some warm clothes to wrap up in case of a breakdown - a big coat, gloves, a spare jumper, hats and gloves!

High Visibility Clothing

This is crucial if you are stuck at night, and could save your life!

Jump Leads

Flat or dead batteries can happen to any car at any age, especially in cold weather. Always have some jump leads in the car just incase!

Empty Fuel Can

Keeping an empty fuel can means you can get to a petrol station if you have broken down and run out without worrying.

Food and Drink

Try to keep some food and drink supplies in the car, especially if you are setting off on a long journey. Hot drinks in a flask can help on long winter drives too.

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