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Bend it like Blenheim.. Promoting Women in Sports

On Tuesday the Blenheim Girls’ Football team became Surrey Champions and showed what dedication, determination and talent can achieve. Wilsons is so proud to be the sponsor of these gifted ladies. Supporting Girls and Women to reject gender stereotypes in traditionally ‘masculine’ sports, hobbies and careers is something we are extremely passionate about.

Equal pay amongst working men and women continues to be a huge issue with enormous disparity at 17%, but nowhere is the pay gap vaster than on the sportsfield. Not only are professional sportswomen paid considerably less than their male counterparts, there is also an inequality of opportunity to compete in non-professional sporting teams, for sports scholarships and to work within the sports industry.

The motor industry, like the sports field, has traditionally, and continues to be, dominated by men. At Wilsons we are trying to overcome this through our commitment to our equal pay policy to pay the same for men and women and our efforts to recruit more women into the industry. However, there is always more to be done.

The Blenheim girls’ achievement is a fantastic one, one that shows how sport can be enriched by woman athletes who continue to push themselves. They are now Surrey Champions and hopefully this will encourage the younger girls and boys who have hobbies that differ from traditionally gendered hobbies to compete. The more girls that see their older peers on the sports field, or women in high positions within industries, like the automotive, the more they will perceive it as a tangible reality and therefore achievable.

Hilary Clinton attributes her decision to run as a presidential candidate to a High school female Basketball player who whispered in her ear earnestly “Dare to Compete”.

And for the Blenheim Surrey Girls Champions, compete they have!

Photo of the three Wilsons sisters
Wilsons Sisters