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New Fiat 500L

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A New Design For An Even More Iconic Look

New Fiat 500L

The New Fiat 500L is a gift from the 500 family to yours with an updated stylish and spacious design. Despite being a lot larger than its hatchback counterpart, the 500L keeps quirky design elements such as the moustache front grille and circular light design.

You can choose between a total of 28 different colour combinations as a result of the bicolour options available on the new 500L.

There's plenty of space for everyone and everything in the 500L with a second row of seats that is able to slide forward to increase the size of the boot or back to give passengers in the rear extra leg room. Thanks to the raised roof height, all passengers have ample head space to enjoy a comfortable ride.

With the rear seats in place, the 500L boasts a boot capacity of 400 litres. This can be impressively increased to 1,310 litres with the seats folded down. The boot is fitted with the Cargo Magic Space height adjustable load platform with a floor that you can arrange at three different levels. In addition, the front passenger seat is also able to fold flat so that you can transport items up to 2.4m in length.

Fiat 500L Design


500L Updated Front Grille
Updated Front Grille
500L Chrome Detailing
Chrome Detailing

The new 500L has experienced a small facelift at the front with a revised chrome front grille, moustache and LED daytime running lights that maintain the essence of the smaller 500 range.

Chrome detailing can be found at the side with chrome door handles and side plates.

The new body colour bumpers highlight the cars elegance with the chrome detailing extended to the rear.

As well as eight different body colours to choose from, including Donatello Bronze and Beatbox Green, there are five alloy wheel options available with dark grey, white and black finishes.


Familiarity is your friend inside the new 500L which is as stylish as its smaller counterpart but with added space and functionality.

When you're driving you want to be comfortable which is why the gear lever has been raised in the new 500L to improve ergonomics and it has a newly designed steering wheel with new controls.

In addition to the large boot space, there are also 22 cubbyholes in the cabin including door bins, cupholders and a large glovebox.

Striking the right mood is easy with the new ambient light. You can also treat your passengers to a ride with a view with the 1.5 square-metre panoramic roof.

500L Stylish and Spacious Interior
Stylish and Spacious Interior
500L Panoramic Roof
Panoramic Roof

Technology and Innovation

As standard, the new 500L receives a 5" touchscreen Uconnect infotainment system with Bluetooth which allows you to link your smartphone to your car in even the most basic model.​ A 7" touchscreen with Uconnect LIVE is also available which provides a range of apps and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabling you to utilise your smartphone's voice command features.

With the Uconnect LIVE infotainment system comes TomTom navigation with innovative features, like IQ Routes®​, which helps to plot the fastest path. You can make full use of your touchscreen by pinching and zooming the map until you find your optimum view.

500L Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay
500L TomTom Navigation
TomTom Navigation

500L Safety and Handling

Staying safe on the road is of utmost importance, especially when you're transporting your family around which is why the new 500L is fitted with a range of safety features to provide maximum safety levels.

As standard, there are six airbags placed at the front and sides of the car to absorb any impact of a road incident. In order to avoid collisions or mitigate their consequences, the 500L has an Autonomous City Brake which is able to detect the presence of other vehicles or obstacles. The car's brakes will automatically be applied by this system if a collision is imminent.

The new 500L also comes with Hill Holder. This feature allows you to pull away smoothly when your on an incline by holding the car's brakes, preventing it from rolling backwards.

500L Autonomous City Brake
Autonomous City Brake
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