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Electric Vehicle Servicing & MOT

Although there are no oil changes or any combustion engine related to checks to perform, your electric vehicle still needs to be properly maintained by regular servicing. EVs must also have a valid MOT when they are more than three years old.


While petrol and diesel cars require a number of parts (including catalytic converters, starter motors and spark plugs to name a few), pure electric cars only have three main components - the electric motor, the on-board charger and the inverter. This is one of the main reasons that a service for an electric car is so much cheaper.

Although it may be less expensive, an electric car should still be serviced at the same intervals as a combustion engine car. Because of it's lack of parts, most EV services are minor. As usual, the technician will check your tyres and brakes and you may also be due some updates or upgrades to your infotainment system.

Servicing an electric car is not something that all garages are equipped to deal with. As a franchised Renault and Nissan dealer, Wilsons Epsom has qualified technicians that have been specifically trained to be able to carry out services on electric vehicles.


If your car is three years or older then it is a legal requirement for it to have a valid MOT certificate whether it has a combustion engine or an electric motor. The MOT Test is designed to examine a vehicle's safety, road-worthiness and tailpipe emissions. Even though tailpipe emissions are hardly relevant for an EV, making sure they're safe to drive is of paramount importance.

Apart from the emissions test, an electric car is submitted to the same rigorous testing of its main components including lights, brakes, wipers, suspension and steering to ensure that it is safe to drive. Without a valid MOT certificate, you will be unable to renew your car's insurance.

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