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Get your car summer ready by booking a Summer Health Check at Wilsons Epsom. It isn't just winter that can be tough on your car, the hot summer months can also be a challenge if you car isn't properly maintained. Ensure peace of mind when traveling by car this summer and book your essential Summer Health Check today.

Summer Health Check includes:


  • Left hand front tyre condition and pressure
  • Left hand rear tyre condition and pressure
  • Spare tyre condition and pressure
  • Right hand front tyre condition and pressure
  • Right hand rear tyre condition and pressure


  • Front pads and discs
  • Read pads and discs
  • Front - leaks/condition (hoses/calipers)
  • Rear - leaks/condition (hoses/calipers/cylinders*/cables)

Lights (headlamps, indications, fog, tail, stop, reverse)

  • Front lights condition
  • Front lights operation
  • Rear lights condition
  • Rear lights operation


  • Exhaust system condition/leaks


  • Blades and arms condition
  • Blades and arms operation
  • Washers operation/adjustment


  • Electrolyte level
  • Battery voltage drop test
  • Alternator charging


  • Level check
  • Check condition of hoses/pipes
  • Protection level (°C)

Levels Check

  • Oil
  • PAS
  • Brake fluid
  • Screenwash

Ancillary drive belt

  • Check condition/tension of ancillary drive belt

Optional Extra Check (chargeable)

Rear Drum Brakes (wheels and drum off)

  • Brake shoe thickness
  • Brake cylinder condition
  • Brake drum diameter/condition

*Cylinder check is only for external signs of leaks, optional extra checks covers cylinder check inside drum

To book call 01372 736 199 or fill out the form above and we will contact you to arrange the booking.