• Wilsons Provide Car for Game at CSSEF Family Fun Day

Wilsons Provide Car for Game at CSSEF Family Fun Day

    Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund (CSSEF) is a charity for deaf children inspired by sisters Chloe and Sophie Jackson of Aldershot, Hampshire. CSSEF was founded in October 2010 as a community fund to raise money to put hessian and thick pile rugs into Chloe’s classroom at school to reduce echoes. Chloe and Sophie’s parents, Karen and Brian, discovered that there were things out there that could help their daughters to hear more in the classroom and school. It soon became apparent that this could help a host of other children and in March 2013, CSSEF became a registered charity.

    Wilsons are proud to be organising a ‘Guess the Number of Balloons Inside a Car’ game for the upcoming CSSEF Family Fun Day on Sunday 31st July at Connaught Leisure Centre. One of our purple C3 Convertibles will be filled with balloons and it will be 50p a guess to win a Gardx treatment up to the value of £399. The fun day runs from 11am – 4pm and the winner of the ‘Balloons in a Car’ game will be revealed at approximately 4pm, allowing everyone at the Fun Day the maximum time to get their guesses in.

    The Family Fun Day has been organised to raise money to support nine schools in the local area which will allow deaf children to attend main stream schools. The money that is raised on the day will go towards purchasing a necklace and speaker system for teachers to wear that are connected with the children’s hearing aids. With fairs in Summer and Christmas and other events throughout the year, this Fun Day is geared towards securing funds ready for a new school year in September.

    By attending this Family Fun Day and any future CSSEF events you will be supporting a fantastic local charity that works with schools and children in the Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey area to raise deaf awareness in the local community. To understand how your donations can help here is a short list of what the charity can use your money to buy:

    • £30 buys a vibrating watch to let the child know to check for bubbles in their hearing aids at school which provides independence and is a confidence builder
    • £50 buys hessian to put behind notice boards of the whole school to reduce echoes
    • £90 pays for a term of deaf-friendly swimming lessons
    • £430 pays for a parent to learn BSL (British Sign Language) Level 1
    • £250 buys a thick pile rug to reduce echoes
    • £1,400 buys a personal radio to give to a deaf child to enhance sound acoustics and also for the child’s well-being in school
    • £1,500 buys a Soundfield System to improve the sound acoustics for the child in school

    Although you may not be able to attend the Fun Day yourself on Sunday, you could help by simply spreading the word of the event and the brilliant work done by the charity by following CSSEF on Twitter and Facebook and sharing their content.

    • Wilsons Provide Car for Game at CSSEF Family Fun Day

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