• Best April Fools' Day Pranks By Car Manufacturers!

Best April Fools' Day Pranks By Car Manufacturers!

Experience April Fools' Day in the Car Industry

  • Published: 25 March 2022
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It's that time of the year again! April Fool's Day is an annual event on the 1st April which consists of playing practical jokes and hoaxes on others. What you might not know, is that some of the Best April Fools' Day jokes have been carried out by car manufacturers.

Here are our favourite 7 pranks in the car industry! 


1) Wind turbine driven Seat Ibiza 

Seat announced in 2009 its 'new release' of the Ibiza Ecomotive, which was driven by a wind turbine on its roof. The brand was excited to reveal its latest innovation to increase mpg performance of a record-breaking 94.1mpg! At Wilsons, we may not have this version of the Ibiza, but we do have the Ibiza FR in stock now!


2) MG's road-painting tyres 

MG produced a cracking hoax in 2019 when they fitted a set of road-colouring tyres to their models. Apparently, these tyres are coated in water-soluble dye which covers the road when the car is driving, allowing motorists to paint on the go! Unfortunately, our MG3's at Wilsons are unable to paint the road, but do come with other great features, which you can find out here.


3) Dacia's affordable space programme

Dacia, who are famously known for their affordable cars, promised the launch of the world's first affordable space programme in 2021. The project's maiden voyage, involved the popular Dacia Duster into space, which was scheduled for 9am on 1st April 2021. It was also streamed live for the public to experience Dacia's latest innovation reach seriously new heights! Whilst going into space with a Duster might not be a reality just yet, the fantastic offers we have available are a reality. Explore our latest offers here!


4) Mini Cooper T - Fuelled by a cup of tea

We've all heard about the Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper D, but have you heard of the Mini Cooper T? This model supposedly runs off tea! So before you go on a journey, get the kettle on and fuel it with a cuppa! We don't currently have the model T in stock here at Wilsons, but we will make you a cuppa while looking at others Mini's we have in stock!


5) Hyundai's Click to Fly Scheme

Need your car delivered this week? How about today? Or how about in an hour? Hyundai introduced a 'Click to Fly' scheme where customers could purchase their new vehicle on their website and have it delivered in hours by a team of airborne 'Hy-drones'. We at Wilsons want our customers to be in their new car as soon as possible, so until this innovation is available, we will continue to offer nationwide delivery. 


6) Seat's Arona Copper Edition that runs on your loose change

Break your piggy bank and collect that change as Seat supposedly introduced a new car that runs on your loose change. Looks like the pennies come in handy after all! 


7) Dacia 'Sundero' Sunbed Car 

Can't afford to get a tan abroad this year? Look no further as Dacia released the 'Sundero' which has a built-in sunbed! This hilarious invention in 2017 insisted that you could get that nice summer tan while driving to work. Until we have the 'Sundero' in stock one day, there is a lovely range of Sandero's to choose from at Wilsons Epsom!  

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