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Car Build at Blenheim High School: Update 5

After taking a well earned break after Christmas, the team are back to putting the pedal to the metal, almost literally! Although there were no pedals to be fitted, there was a floor to stop the car from looking like a prop from The Flinstones. The team also received some new parts including a set of higher spec racing wheels and some spare electrical parts.

This means that, in terms of structure, the car is officially ready to race. The next part of the build is the body work construction. The team have been trying out different designs in cardboard as they develop an understanding of aerodynamics.

As for the media team, Caleb Heather is continuing to work on the team's website and is currently in the process of writing an article summarising the build to date.

Team testing the car electrics
Testing the Electrics
Floor Being Fitted
Floor Being Fitted
Floor fitted
Fitted Floor
Initial car designs
Initial Designs