Service Plans

We know that regularly servicing your car can be expensive which is why we have developed our service plans. Just like paying for a car on finance and spreading the cost over fixed monthly payments, we also offer a similar agreement to help you pay for your car's maintenance. Regularly servicing your vehicle helps to keep its resale value as high as possible.

Our Service Plan Club start from as little as £11.99 a month or from £399 for three years

Service Plans help you to spread the cost of servicing

Our Service Plans are designed to be an easy way to budget for servicing your car. Rather than paying for your servicing all at once and receiving a hefty bill on the day, you spread the payments out over your chosen period of time.

This allows you to spread the cost of regular servicing through simple monthly direct debit installments, just like household bills. What's more, if your car is bought through finance with us, then your Service Plan can simply be added to your monthly payments. By joining Wilsons Service Plan Club you could save up to 15% compared to standard servicing costs.

Inflation proof, fixed price, low cost servicing

The pricing is simple. Just decide how many services you'd like the Service Plan to cover and we'll calculate your monthly payment based on your anticipated annual mileage. You might be surprised to find that servicing your car costs less than satellite TV or a smart phone each month.

As well as the advantage of being able to budget for your servicing, the fixed price means that the cost of your servicing is effectively inflation proof. Plus there's no hidden interest - you just pay for the cost of servicing.

inflation proof writing in chains
Technician carrying out full service inspection

Full service and safety inspection of your car

Your vehicle will be serviced by professional technicians who only use genuine manufacturers' parts. Our state-of-the-art service centre uses the latest hi-tech servicing equipment that is approved and used by all of our franchise dealers.

All items covered by the standard maintenance schedule for your vehicle are covered by Service Plans - this ensures that your service book will be stamped.

While your car is in our care, we will inform you of any other safety or advisory items that we notice. You are under no obligation to have these items rectified, but we will supply you with an all inclusive quote should you wish to do so.

Joining our Service Plan Club comes with added benefits and exclusive offers on genuine parts and accessories as well as promotional discounts on a wide range of service and repair related items such as tyres, brakes, batteries and air conditioning servicing.

Every time you book your vehicle in for a service it will receive a valet service as part of the price for being a Wilsons Service Plan Club member.

Available for all models

Service Plans are not restricted to new cars. Providing your car's servicing is all up to date, then all vehicles are eligible to take advantage of our Service Plans, no matter what age or model you have.

We can also guarantee that neither labour rates or the cost of parts will increase for the duration of your plan so you will receive tomorrow's costs at today's price.